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Team Members

Regulation, signaling and metabolic interactions

Hodges Michael, DR2 CNRS (HDR)
Glab Nathalie, CR1 CNRS (HDR)
Flesch Valérie, MdC UPsud
Gakière Bertrand, MdC UPsud
Jossier Mathieu, MdC UPsud
Mahé Aline, MdC UPsud
Thomas Martine, MdC UPsud (HDR)
De Julien de Zelicourt Axel, MdC UPsud
Oury Céline, AJT UPsud

Hao Jingfang, PhD China Scholarship Council
Lui Yanpei, PhD China Scholarship Council
De Bont Linda, CDD Post-doc
Daime Arnaud, CDD AI
Duminil Pauline , PhD


*Gilard Françoise, IR1 CNRS
*Cantonny Valérie, AI CNRS
*Guerard Florence, IE2 UPsud
*Lamothe Marlène, TCN CNRS
*Mauve Caroline, IE2 CNRS
* : “Metabolism-Metabolome” facility staff