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Custom design AGILENT microarray for Crops species



The selected chip format is 180000 probes per plex on a 4 plex array coming from AGILENT Technology.


On Crops Agilent Arrays

We will transfer all of our NimbleGen designs which will include, for instance, melon, pea, medicago, rosa and tomato.
Please, find all custom Crops Agilent Arrays :
- Crops Agilent Arrays

If design is not yet available for your species of interest, please contact :


tel : +331.

A normalization and statistical analysis method has been developed specifically for CATMAv7 and Crops Agilent Arrays by M.L. Martin-Magniette in collaboration with the ’Statistique et Génome’ team from the unit UMR INRA/AgroParisTech MIA 518, Paris, France.


Material to be supplied by users

  • We require a minimum amount of 2 µg of total RNA of perfect quality per array (RNA extraction using columns such as Qiagen RNeasy for example in DEPC treated water and conserved at -80 ° C.
  • Titration by spectrophotometry with OD 260nm/280nm values between 1.9 and 2.1.
  • The RNAs samples will be sent to us by fast transporters and in dry ice.



The total cost : AGILENT array + Agilent chip to check the RNA quality (from 1 to 12 samples) + amplification + labelled cDNA+Various consumables (Ribogreen).

Note : We always perform technical (dye-swap/dye-switch) and at least one biological repetition. Why do we perform two colour arrays instead of one colour arrays ?
Please read this document : twocolorvsonecolor.pdf




tel : +331.