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Sexuality of cucurbits unveiled

- A. Bendahmane Team : "Flower and Carpel Development"

La Recherche 2016 - Prize for Biology

Science. 2015 Nov 6 ;350(6261):688-91.
A cucurbit androecy gene reveals how unisexual flowers develop and dioecy emerges. Boualem A, Troadec C, Camps C, Lemhemdi A, Morin H, Sari MA, Fraenkel-Zagouri R, Kovalski I, Dogimont C, Perl-Treves R, Bendahmane A
doi : 10.1126/science.aac8370



- Prix La Recherche 2016 : le palmarès (in french)

Discover the winners of the 13th edition of La Recherche Prize that rewards French scientific excellence of the previous year in all disciplines.

The winners have been chosen by a jury of peers and journalists, chaired by Pascale Cossart, researcher in cell microbiology and perpetual secretary of the Academy of Sciences.