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Perfume plants innovation and sustainability by Tilling



- Institute of Plant Sciences Paris-Saclay (IPS2)
- Industrial partner


Abstract of the project

By 2018, the trade market of perfumes and flagrances should reach 45.5 billion Euros (INSEE 2012), at the world level. In France, the export market of perfumes and flagrances generates 8.3 billion Euros of exceeding currency. However, in France, cultivation of perfume plants declines since several years, because of international competition and lack of innovation.

To tackle this problem, the PISTILL project aims to improve the production of flagrance molecules, using a translational research approach for a plant known to generate strategic flagrances.

Producers of this crop are concerned by environmental issues which limit the plant productivity such as drought and the low molecule yields. In addition, the global production and the quality of this molecule are not sufficient to meet the industry needs.

The objectives of the PISTILL project are to improve the limiting traits by increasing the genetic diversity of the perfume plant and combine “omics” approaches to select improved plants (i.e. plants yielding (/plant or /hectare) more of the target molecules).

The PISTILL project is based on a strong partnership between actors of the commodity chain value, including plant geneticists, chemists, growers, the flagrance industry, the perfume plants technical institutes and a competitiveness cluster.

One of the project goals will be to set a start-up company to apply the new “omics” approaches to improve perfume and flagrance plants.