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Presentation Metabolomic Platform

The main goal of this facility is to offer expertise to develop new protocols and to carry out the measurement and analysis of plant metabolites using a combination of isotopic and metabolomic techniques. We have the tools and know-how to undertake the rapid metabolic phenotyping of plant lines to help understand the consequences of specific genetic mutations with respect to metabolite contents, and to allow the determination of carbon, nitrogen and water use efficiencies as well as fluxes in plant organs and terrestrial vegetation. Analyses are performed by the Platform staff using the adequate protocols and technologies including semi-targeted metabolomics by GC-MS or NMR 1H ; isotope analyses of total organic matter (EA-IRMS), gases (GC-IRMS) and extracts (LC-IRMS) ; analyses of cofactors (by LC-MS) and amino acids (by HPLC), metabolites tracing by NMR (13C or 15N).

The facility is not only involved in local research projects since it is open to other laboratories whether they are public or private, local, national or international. This is achieved either as a service or collaboration and in both cases the Platform offers expertise from the experimental design to a statistical analysis of the data.