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SPOmics (Saclay Plant Omics) integrates three platforms of the Institute of Paris-Saclay Plant Sciences (IPS2). Its goal is to generate and integrate high-throughput molecular data for multi-scale projects in model and non-model plant species. SPOmics offers various levels of analysis to the plant science community (at the national or international level) :

  • An expertise to quantify gene expression in plants using RNA high-throughput sequencing approaches (stranded RNA-seq, Small RNA-seq, Ultralow RNA-seq, footprinting …).
  • A robotized pipeline for yeast 2-hybrid screening against a collection of 12k Arabidopsis proteins
  • An expertise in various high throughput metabolomics methods in order to analyze metabolite content in complex biological samples and isotope composition (C-13 or N-15) in raw material or pre-purified metabolites.
  • Bioinformatic and statistical tools for omics data quantitative analysis.

We offer not just a basic service but a real collaboration with strong links and interactions with our partner laboratories. Our involvement includes all steps of the analyses : from the help in experimental choices, to the experiment realization, the bioinformatics and statistical analysis, the help in writing manuscripts and the completion of data submission in international repositories when needed.

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