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Equipe V. Geffroy

Dynamique du génome et la résistance aux pathogènes

Preservation of genome stability and integrity is the primary task for every organism, including plants.
At the same time, plant genome needs to adapt to changing environments, including (...)

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Projet scientifique

1- Evolution of resistance clusters (Co-2, B4 and Co-x) To attain our aims, we are combining structural and comparative genomics approaches, high-throughput sequencing of small RNA, classical (...)

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Composition de l’équipe

Sophie Blanchet (IE, UPS)
Valérie Geffroy (DR2,, INRA)
Ariane Gratias - Weill (MdC, UPS)
Stéphanie Pflieger (MdC, Paris 7)
Vincent Thareau (IE, CNRS)
Chouaib Méziadi (...)

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Publications 2017 Ribeiro T, Dos Santos KG, Richard MM, Sévignac M, Thareau V, Geffroy V, Pedrosa-Harand A. (2016). Evolutionary dynamics of satellite DNA repeats from Phaseolus beans. (...)

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